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Share your Insights & Expertise

Become a guest writer and contribute a related piece surrounding weddings and events. While placement is not guaranteed, we will consider your submission carefully. Please upload your submission in a .pdf format and any accompanying images in a .jpeg format.


Join us in creating engaging content and sharing your unique perspective with our audience.

Showcase Your Real Event:

We invite you to showcase your exceptional event on our revel website. Highlight your real event by providing a minimum of 10 captivating photos and a complete contributor list, including social media tags. Let us celebrate your success and inspire others in the industry. Please upload the materials in .pdf and .jpeg formats, allowing us to showcase your talent and share your event's story.

Share Your #RevelInRealLife Moments:

We invite you to submit your captivating event photos from a community event, wedding or party for a chance to be featured in our print and digital platforms. Show us your most memorable moments using the hashtag #RevelInRealLife on your social platform or upload your photos here.  Help us to showcase the diverse and inspiring events that bring so much joy. Join us in celebrating the beauty of real-life experiences and making your mark in the world by sharing your extraordinary photos with us.

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